About delaying a breakup

Delaying an inevitable breakup isn`t a good thing for you. People nowadays have less sex than other generations. Even that this is a fact, we shouldn`t deny that we are in a hookup culture. Marriages are starting later as we speak and more men and women are opting not to have children at all. A lot of people decide to date more before actually having a serious relationship. This is a great food for thought.

You should choose to go exclusive when it is the right course of action. Usually people start a relationship. If they seen each other for a long period of time, they probably know that the person sitting next to them want a long term connection. They will be faced with a decision. Own up to not being ready for a relationship or commit to a relationship even though they are not ready.

You should always be upfront with the person sitting next to you. You should always set the right expectations and let the person know that you need more time. You will also have the option to give the relationship a shot if you feel excited by a person. A person should be loved for shared values and mutual respect. Having fun with the person you love can create a deep sexual attraction.

People usually don`t break their relationship even though they should. There comes a point where relationships tend to fall apart. This is the time when you should step in and reconsider if the relationship you are in is going somewhere or not.

Sticking around isn`t always a great idea. It is hurtful and selfish for both partners. Your partner is spending a great amount of time in building the perfect relationship with you. Instead of spending time into someone that doesn`t share the same feeling with you, it is a smarted decision to spend your time with a person that shares the same ideas with you. You would be better to search the right person for you instead of trying to make a relationship work.

Breaking up may not affect your life at all. This thing might have a devastating repercussion on the other person. You shouldn`t waste your time any longer with a person that doesn`t understand you. It will be easier for you to look for another person that will enjoy your company even more and you should look for that person.


3 places in which you have to have sex

desc─ârcareBecause sex is often more exciting, so more interesting, in places less common, we should think well on this aspect and to take into account, it could make us the life of the couple much more beautiful and would help us to move with more ease over quarrels or small disputes that inevitably arise in a couple. You don’t have to be at all careless when it comes to sex, because this activity weighs very much in a relationship. Most of the times the partners are detained and they don’t say the pleasures hidden for fear not to be criticized, and this is a really bad one and that is not good relationship.

1.On the beach

It is definitely a fantasy of women. They like very much the sea (not all, I’m talking about the majority), and a love warm on the sand of the sea they would love. Try to find the right place, to organize a little game of love hot on the beach, but still away from the eye of those who walk on the seashore. Will surely be a memory about which I’ll tell in a while.

2. In the elevator

This location is a little more demanding, but also more risky, but if you get a chance, you have to try to love in an elevator. It is on the list of preferences of all women and is definitely a place less used for sex.

3. In front of a fireplace

This location is favorite in the winter, when outside is very cold, and the fireplace warms the house. It would be preferable that in front of the fireplace to be a large rug, fluffy, just like in the movies.

You have to take into consideration every pleasure to your partner and try to fulfill your every fantasy, that will make him happy and certainly will not think to deceive you because you provide everything he needs.